collab with architect Sona Sokolovova

We have been given a challenging task to design kinetic architecture which connects the Danube with the riverside. The chosen site is next to Vigado ter, it has no direct access to the river. 

We wanted to create a new public space - a pavilion, which would bring people closer to the Danube. To make sure that people would visit this place, the entrance is situated on the axis of the street which leads to an important traffic point. 

The pavilion is accessible through the communication core - stairs and an elevator, which leads to the footbridge and ends by the same designed communication core in the middle of the floating structure.

The kinetic mechanism offers many ways to the open facade - sightseeing spots and creates various spaces. 

Inner and outer circles are rotating in opposite directions and therefore create different spaces each time they turn. 

Each turn also creates blind spots, which can be closed by moving partitions and used for closed events such as small-capacity workshops or discussions.