diploma thesis_2022
lead professor_Ing. arch. Pavel Paňák

I designed the student housing in Warsaw as a participant in the student architectural design contest Isover. The site is situated in a diverse area, between 3 different urban structures. Linear residential housing, high-rise buildings and campus area, all from the 20th century. I worked with existing historical (1st half of 20th century) buildings on the plot - designed community centre there. New buildings are used for student housing.

The main idea of my design is to create a reaction and statement to the area and its diversity and to keep as many existing structures and trees on the plot as possible.

The main linear form of the dormitory is elevated two floors up - bridge structure on two communication cores.

Since bus and train stations are my closest neighbours, I made a visual connection with them. When students will be coming to the dormitories by train or bus, the park in the middle of the plot needs to be welcoming and visually appealing.